An Exercise in Poetry

Sometimes one of my biggest challenges with homeschooling is when I begin to lose my focus and wonder, “When is all this effort to educate her going to pay off?!”  Next year?  Three years?  Five years?  The day they leave my house at 18?  The day I die?  The day THEY die???

There are only so many days of sitting down at the dinner table as a family and having Daddy ask my pupil, “So what did you learn in your lessons today?”  Only to receive the answer, “Um, I don’t know.”


Homeschooling takes a great deal of discipline and planning and preparation and effort, and patience.

PrincessA has been a hesitant writer, not too eager or willing to embrace the process of learning to write and to spell, particularly in putting her own personal thoughts and stories down on paper.  She will do copy work and writing exercises and seems to do fine on our individual spelling tests each day – very simple words, at this point.  But she hasn’t shown much initiative as far as writing by herself.

Well, today some of all that effort paid off.  And though to the outside eye it may seem excessively trivial, to the homeschooling Mom’s eye…  Well, let’s be honest, I cried and gave her the biggest stinkin’ hug!

For some reason, today she felt compelled to write poetry – without any prompting or assistance required from me.  One poem for each of the four seasons.  She began with Winter.

As read to me by her:  “Winter is nice, and skating on ice.  A snowman is good, you can be warm if you should.  I like snow, winter, and ice.  But you are really nice.”

Then came Spring:

“Spring is here, Spring is there, Spring is everywhere.  I love Spring and flowers to, but most of all, I love you everyone.”

Moving on to Summer:

“I like to swim and play with Tim.  It’s a summer day, hip hooray!  Let’s play in the pool, Summer is cool, and sad to end.  But you are my best friend.”  (I don’t know who Tim is, though.  But it sure does rhyme nicely with swim!)

Then a final tribute to my favorite season:

“Autumn fun, and when it’s done, it’s cold and winter time comes.  And the Autumn leaves start to fall, and it will be winter soon, as cold as all.”

I didn’t even care that the spelling wasn’t perfect – haha! ;-D  (I am a recovering perfectionist, after all.)

I just thought to myself, what a wonderful 2 years it has been so far, homeschooling this child!

And then I cried those blessed, beautiful happy tears and gave her a big stinkin’ hug.


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