Baby Thank You Cards

First, some AWESOME news:  The card I posted about here was selected as one of the Top Five cards for the Totally Hues #4 Challenge!!  I seriously could not be more thrilled.  I just LOVE Heather’s design style.  All her cards are fabulous, and making the Totally Hues Top Five totally made my day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I can’t wait to get back to creating cards, on an individual and self-motivated basis.  For the last week or so, I’ve been working on a few card projects for family and friends.

A few weeks ago, a sister-in-law of mine asked me to provide her with 15 wedding cards.  And then my husband’s niece asked me to design and produce her college graduation announcements, which will eventually end up being about 50 cards.  A friend of mine, who has been having a crazy time in her efforts to adopt a baby girl, also asked me to make her a batch of 40 baby thank you cards.  (Congrats on finally taking home your baby girl, guys!!)

I thought I would post a bit about two of these projects, starting with the baby thank you cards.

My friend decided she liked this design from my Etsy shop, with a few minor changes – pink behind the main teal panel, and a “thank you” sentiment instead of the “just a little note” sentiment.

I am all about the mass production line.  For projects like these, I tend to break it into its parts and streamline as much as I can, assembling the entire card at the very end when I have all the pieces ready.

This project was a bit crazy for me, because I have not quite mastered my background stamping and heat embossing skills yet to the point where I am truly comfortable and confident making 40 cards with these techniques.  But I did my best and got through it, however imperfect!  The rest of the project seemed to move along pretty well.  That is, until I ran out of PTI Sweet Blush and Ocean Tides cardstocks!  I had to place an emergency PTI order and am still waiting for it to arrive in order to finish the last 8 cards out of 40.  The other 32 cards are assembled and ready to go.

Here’s a peek at my process!

Here is the stack of main panels, the embossed Ocean Tides panels adhered to the Sweet Blush background blocks.  The pattern is from the Tin Types background stamp set, stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with clear embossing powder.

When I am tying a simple knot on a ribbon that will stretch across a card (rather than a full bow), I like to wrap the ribbon around a favorite vitamin container and then knot it.  (The circumference of this particular bottle is perfect for knotting ribbons that need to stretch across the 5.25 length of a card.  I have a slightly skinnier bottle when the ribbon only goes around the 4.25 length of a card.)

Then I just slide the ribbon off the bottle, hold it over the card to eyeball where I want the knot to be situated, and then cut the back of the ribbon accordingly.  I usually attach these knots with a tiny glue dot on the back of the knot itself, then use bigger glue dots on either end of the ribbon which wrap around the back of the card, to keep it all securely in place.

A photo of the 40 chocolate-brown satin ribbons neatly tied and waiting to be cut and adhered to the above panels.

After edge inking and stamping all the cards with a decorative frame from Mat Stack 2 and a sentiment from Mat Stack 3, I layered them to give them a bit of drying time.  You can see at the bottom right of the photo where I have begun to adhere the ribbons to the panels and stack them while the ink dries on the cards.

Here is what the assembled panel looks like.  A little distressing on the Ocean Tides cardstock edges.

And finally, a not-so-great photo of the assembled card, ready to go.
Thanks for stopping by today.  Hope you have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ˜‰

One thought on “Baby Thank You Cards

  1. Yeah, I can't wait to see Lauralee's cards! Congrats on getting in the top 5, I always knew you could, you're amazing.I just read your Glass Half Full Project and I love the idea. I may just steal it for my blog if you don't mind…

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