Graduation Announcements

One of the other big projects I’ve been working on was a request from my husband’s niece for 50 graduation announcement cards.

She is graduating from Brigham Young University, so the colors are a dark or navy blue and white.  They also used tan for a while, though it is not an official color currently, so I felt at liberty to include that color a little bit as well.  I also used black in my color schemes, just because it is a typical graduation color.

Her request was for something clean and simple, which is great because I feel like that is mainly my style in creating, and I was hoping for something that would be relatively simple to mass produce.

So I worked up a few sample cards, to help her to zero in on what she liked or didn’t like.

This was my first attempt.  It took me a long time to get it how I wanted it, although it isn’t actually how I had hoped it would turn out.  I used rustic white cardstock, white is just a smidgen off white, enough to take the brilliance out of the bright white cardstocks and make it not quite so stark.

I impressed it with the tin types impression plate for some texture, though you can barely tell unless you are right up close to it.

The pattern on the main panel is heat embossed with a copper embossing powder, which I had hoped would turn out more of a bronze color and not quite so bright as the copper was.  The circle with the grad cap & stars is also raised for 3-D effect above the main frame, which is also raised above the black ribbon, to add a bit of dimension.  I liked this card, but I’m glad she chose a different card, glad that I wouldn’t have to do all that heat embossing. 😉

The next card was a bit similar, but I found a slightly deeper bronze embossing powder for the pattern on the panel, and this panel is raised above the grad cap & stars rather than underneath as in the previous card.

I added the ‘DREAMS’ sentiment from the For The Graduate stamp collection from PTI.  The blue cardstock block was dry embossed with an embossing folder run through the Cuttlebug machine.

I liked this card, as well.  But I was also glad (again) that she chose another so I wouldn’t have to do all that heat embossing! 😉

Next up is one that turned out a little more ‘masculine’ than I had hoped for, although I do like it, as well, in a weird little way.

The black cardstock on the left is dry embossed in an argyle pattern from an embossing folder through the Cuttlebug machine.  Just one corner rounded on the top, with the edges still inked in black, and the single grad cap stamped in black.

The blue cardstock block is stamped and heat embossed in white for a little bit more texture.

I was pretty sure she wouldn’t choose that one – just a bit too masculine, though I thought it was still nice (for a boy, instead).

So after that, I thought I’d better try to make something a bit on the feminine side but hopefully still graduate worthy.  Though I tried for feminine, it still turned out a bit boxy.  And really, I suppose the only thing feminine about it is the embossed flowers with Ice Stickles glitter centers.

Though I might use this layout for a thank you or some other type of card with more variety in colors, I was secretly hoping she wouldn’t pick this one – just didn’t hit the mark with this one.
This final card was actually the third sample that I made, but is the one that she selected.  It was my favorite, too.
Though it’s a bit hard to see in the first photo, I scored two defining lines across the bottom of the card, then stamped the ‘DREAMS’ sentiment in between them in black ink, along with the grad cap above it in black. 
You can see better in the next photo that the block on the left is black cardstock layered with blue cardstock that was dry embossed with an embossing folder through the Cuttlebug machine in a stars and swirls pattern (I think it’s a Sizzix folder, but not entirely sure.)
Again, this one was my favorite.  Not only because, to me, it is clean and crisp and sharp – just enough whimsy in the stars and swirls and grad cap to make it fun, but enough class in colors and lines and form to make it presentable and professional – but also because it was a very simple layout that was easy to mass produce quickly.
I have some photos of the mass production process for this card, but I’m typing on the laptop right now, and I am not inclined to go back and forth from here to the PC to include them.  Sorry! 😉  It’s late, and I am tired, just not that motivated, so ready for bed, and soooo ready for a weekend!
Thanks for stopping by. 😉

One thought on “Graduation Announcements

  1. Aren't I just the luckiest girl to have sweet hookups like you, Ally?? I am sooo impressed with your talents and how you were able to nail it right on the head with what I was looking for. You're AMAZING – sheesh, I just can't say it enough :)Thanks again! And I love everything else on this blog and your etsy profile, I wish I could have them all!

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