Not A Card

We began our new homeschool year in earnest the day after Labor Day.  We now have (technically) a 2nd Grader and 2 Preschoolers.

It was a bit of a rough start.  I was expecting it, so it wasn’t a surprise.  We had just returned from our week-long vacation where all sorts of fun, fun, ridiculous fun was had, as well as much throwing of all schedules and routines out the window.  (And if you know how addictively dependent I am on schedules and routines, you’ll know what a STRETCH that was for me – LOL!)

Actually, that had been happening for much of the month of August and a little bit of July.  Since we follow more of a year-round calendar (as opposed to 3 months off for the summer), I was feeling a little burned out by the time mid July rolled around.  So we took a month off.  I poured myself into my card making, keeping up with a variety of challenges and such, and the children played to their heart’s content.  But I knew all that unrestrained leisure would mean grumbling when the time came again to buckle down with the new school year.

And as grumbling goes, this bout was relatively mild.  After two weeks, I am happy to say that we are all beginning to feel situated again and studies are coming along nicely.  We began using some chores charts for the children a few months ago, and it has been a challenge getting us all acclimated to that process, but soooo worth it!  We’ve also been trying to get better organized around the house in an effort to make the transition of adding two more students into the mix a little less hectic.

Unfortunately, all of that has also meant very little crafting time for me.  Which is okay, I suppose, since I have felt a surprising lack of motivation to craft.

At this time last year, I was working on Christmas gifts and projects that included over 300 cards to distribute amongst our close friends and neighbors and some of my husband’s co-workers.  It was a grand scheme!  I thought I’d try a little of that this year, but on a less grand scheme, maybe giving out 5 cards per person instead of 10, and maybe as a set of cards in one design with different colors, to make the mass production process a little faster.  And Papertrey Ink’s latest product release will make the Christmas creativity a lot more pleasant and efficient for me, so I’m looking forward to the delivery of my new supplies!

I really just have no mojo right now, no desire.  I keep searching through my magazines and files and favorite blogs looking for inspiration and ideas, and I have certainly found inspiraton.  But when I go to get out my craft supplies, it just feels unnatural for some reason.  I start on a project, then quickly find something with which to distract myself.

Hopefully I can find a bit of ambition soon, or I’ll need to find some other ideas for friend/neighbor gifts this year, because I am not going to make a ton of cards with no desire or motivation to back it up! 😉

The fibromyalgia flare-ups have also been more often and more painful the last few months, and I’m afraid that constant pain has a way of making my brain feel less than competent.

But there is also a sense of approaching peace and calm as the season is about to change.

Autumn is such a comforting season, for me.  It signals the end of the craziness and reckless abandon of Summer and ushers in a time of settling down and embracing more enriching projects and happenings, as the weather eventually fosters indoor activities rather than the boisterous, messy, and busy ones of Summer.  I have a difficult time keeping up with the constant activity and heat of Summer.  And though true Autumn weather in our state sometimes only lasts a week or two, there is just something about Autumn and the beginning of Winter that makes me breathe a little sigh of relief.  I don’t explain it very well, I’m afraid.  I’m just glad that Autumn is finally showing its face!

And yet, I am stunned by how quickly the year seems to have flown by!  The beginning of my 40th year of life approaches with the beginning of the new year.  My Sweetheart and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past Spring.  My oldest daughter will celebrate her 8th birthday in just over a month and will be baptized shortly after that.  And my twin babies – my twin babies! – will celebrate their 5th birthdays just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  I still vivdly remember the less-than-appetizing dinner in the hospital and my stepfather’s delicious Thanksgiving feast I was missing those short 5 years ago when they were born! 😉

Maybe that’s why I’m not very motivated – Autumn inspires reflection in me, rather than activity.

And you know what?  I’m just going to go with it for a bit.  Try to get back into the swing of lessons and enjoy the process of teaching my children and witness the light in their eyes that it brings and which makes the whole endeavor so worthwhile for me.  Spend a little more time reading and writing, and maybe playing the piano.  More time teaching my daughter to play the piano.  Maybe recharge my batteries with my other favorite hobby of choice – organizing!  And hopefully turn out a handcrafted card or two once in a while. 😉

Anyway.  For family or friends who read my blog and might be bored with seeing card after card after card….  there’s a little life update for you.

Thanks for stopping by today. 😉

2 thoughts on “Not A Card

  1. I had to laugh when I saw the title of this post :)I still think you're super woman for homeschooling! My youngest is having a hard time in school… and there is a possibility that a lot of her friends will move before the end of this year. Not sure if we will look at homeschooling or not… we'll see how it all plays out!I hear ya about the crafting mojo. Sometimes it just isn't there. It seems like I swing between reading and crafting… I will either read every book in sight or I'll sew and paste and create. But I don't seem to do both at the same time.And I'm sorry you've been in pain. That's never a good thing! I hope that you're feeling better soon!!And I love your fall photos!! Are they from this year?? So beautiful! I miss the fall so much!!

  2. Ally, your Fall photos are so beautiful! And do you REALLY home school five children???!! You are truly amazing! So sorry about the pain. A friend of mine has that so I get it.Don't worry about the card making mojo. One day out of the blue it will hit you and you'll make something you LOVE. This crafting hobby is supposed to be FUN so just make something when the mood strikes you! We'll still be around reading your blog!

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