What I Did On My Summer Vacation

If we’re being honest, family vacation usually means a lot of work on Mom’s part (mine), and not much relaxation or vacation.  In fact, I usually come home feeling like I need a vacation from the vacation!

This year, though, I decided at the last minute to try to pack some crafting supplies to take along just for me and purposely try to carve out a little bit of time on our vacation to have some R&R, so I wouldn’t feel like it was all work and no play.  (Because let’s face it, ‘playing’ – as defined by the rest of my family – really means ‘work’ on my part, with 3 young children.  And ‘playing’ – as defined by me – is more like ‘boring’ to everyone else in my family!)

I initially felt guilty about using up valuable packing space in our van for my Cuttlebug machine and a stack of small containers with some felt, cardstock, glue, bookprint pages, embroidery floss, crochet hook, scissors, dies, etc.  But oh my gosh!  I am soooo glad I did it!  It was perfect for those moments of down time when it was too hot to swim or be outside, or when we were spent from visiting museums or the dinosaur park or from playing at the local parks.  The kids could watch a movie, and Hubby could watch a football game, and I had a little crafting time – on VACATION! πŸ˜‰

So here’s what I accomplished.

Remember when I said in a previous post that I was bummed about my PTI Bloom Builder #3 die arriving later than I thought and that I wouldn’t be able to play around with it much before our vacation??  Well…. I pre-cut a bunch of cardstock squares in different colors and took that die with me, along with the Cuttlebug and cutting plates.  I spent time cutting all the little layers out of the various cardstocks and kept them in neat little stacks.  Later, as time allowed, I glued each of them together.  And now I have a plethora of these gorgeous flowers just waiting for a little brad or button when I want to use one on a card!

I also took along all my Beautiful Blooms II dies and my PTI felt and cut a bunch of flowers to be assembled and attached to cards later.  One bloom of each type in each color of felt.

And speaking of felt, I cannot WAIT for my new PTI Autumn Rose felt (and cardstock) to arrive soon!

The last project I spent time on is my little crochet flowers.  I actually take a little baggie full of various embroidery floss colors and my little crochet hook and scissors with me, just about everywhere I go, in case I’ll have 5 spare minutes in which I could be making a flower.  I take it in the car on the way to somewhere, I take it to church for the 10 minutes in between piano playing for the children’s songs, I take it to family gatherings, to summer parades,… everywhere!  Just in case I have time where nothing is really happening and I could be crocheting a flower.

This photo really only shows the surface of my little crochet flower stash.  There is a whole 3″-deep container, 7″ wide by 9″ long, full of these little babies.  I have absolutely NO IDEA how I will ever be able to use them all.  But they only take 5 minutes apiece to make, and they are so cute, and it keeps my hands busy during those odd times when I feel like time’s a wastin’ and I could be working on something but there’s not enough time or space to be working on what I really want to be working on – CARDS! πŸ˜‰  At least it’s a little something I can do in those moments to be creative.

Anyway.  In retrospect, I consider it brilliant to have made that extra space to take along a few of my crafting supplies and to spend a little of our vacation time doing something that I consider to be truly relaxing.  It actually felt like a vacation to me this time!

(Well, that, coupled with the fact that I forced Hubby into eating out a WHOLE LOT MORE than he wanted to – LOL.  Not having to cook every single meal made it feel more like a vacation to me, too!)

Thanks for stopping by today. πŸ˜‰

14 thoughts on “What I Did On My Summer Vacation

  1. oh my goodness! That's amazing! you can open up a shop to sell! πŸ™‚ its beautiful eye candy to see all those flowers in different colors! beautiful!

  2. I'm in total awe of your huge stash of flower embellishments. They are all just beautiful!!!I take a bag or two of crafty stuff every time we go to our camper. I usually get lots of time to "do my thing."…….but, never this much! You have given me some inspiration!!!

  3. These pictures are absolutely incredible inspiration! I wonder if it's ever to late to learn to crochet (particularly if you're not very gifted in those directions and are left-handed)?………..

  4. Outstanding! I am in awe! Such a wonderful assortment of gorgeously and lovingly handmade embellishments. Clever lady. I could just stare at them and be happy. Wow! I love the crochet flower pattern. What is the finished size? Again, beautiful and brava!

  5. So happy you had some crafting time on your vacation Ally! It looks like you put it to good use too with this wonderful array of floral beauties! Can't wait to see what little pieces of art you add them to!

  6. Wow, all those flowers look gorgeous together! Glad you had a nice vacation. Love your crochet flowers too. Do you have a pattern you wouldn't mind sharing? I have one but like yours better.

  7. OMGosh! You are BRILLIANT, Ally to make all of those FAB flowers! WOW! I LOVE the photos you took of them! Also I am so JEALOUS because I still haven't learned how to make a crochet flower! I think you should come visit me in Texas and teach me how!!!

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