31 Days of Handcrafted Card Making

This third year of our homeschooling endeavor has started off a little rough, while trying to add the twins into the mix.  Things are beginning to even out, though, so I’ve decided to work in a little big something for me, to hopefully rekindle my enthusiasm for card making and to restore some mojo to my creations.

I’m joining the 31 Days movement!

I followed all the original 8 bloggers last year through their 31 Days posts, and I thought it was wonderfully fun and inspiring.  This year, they are inviting all who have a topic of passion to join in the fun by blogging about that passion for 31 Days through the month of October.

Well, I have a lot of passions in life.  But the one I’ve been trying to nurture lately is my passion for card making.  I have found it to be a fantastic outlet for my creative needs, since I am no longer able to do the other crafts I knew and loved before the fibromyalgia set in (cross-stitching, knitting, etc.).  Card making allows me to be creative without too much pain, and it makes me happy.  I dedicate most of my time to our children and to my Sweetheart.  But I have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay to spend time on something that makes me happy, too.

I wasn’t sure if I should join in, originally, because this topic isn’t so much about sharing tips or secrets or on a theme from which others can learn, as most of the other bloggers’ topics seem to be.  This topic is all about me, all about something that I need personally, all about making time for my creativity, all about me learning to make time for myself in the midst of all my other responsibilities in life.

I find that although I consistently have ideas in my head and the desire to get crafty, I also consistently put it on the back burner, for a variety of reasons.  I guess I am hoping that by joining in on this 31 Days challenge, that it will be a way to hold myself accountable, and that I might be able to bring that desire to create into the forefront of my thoughts a little more and encourage myself to purposely make time to nurture that creativity.

So I guess my purposes for joining this challenge are the following:

1.) First, to MAKE TIME for my creativity!  To ‘force’ myself to be creative and break my obsessive focus on only meeting the needs of others once in a while to do something that brings me happiness and joy.  (I hope that came out the right way.  I love, love, LOVE my family and am so very dedicated to them!  And I think I have a pretty firm grip on my priorities.  But I could use a little help on lightening up and enjoying life a little more and choosing to be happy in/of/as myself, is all I’m saying.  I tend to lose myself in other people’s needs and not do anything to support my own needs, and then I get angry or passive aggressive or sad about it, and that’s no fun.)

2.) To expand my skills by learning new techniques, and then not being afraid to try them.  This might include posts about my favorite craft supplies, things about card making that I find interesting, tips that I have found particularly useful, etc.  I might expound a little more here and there on my process of creation and my life as a crafter as well.

3.) To utilize challenge blogs to inspire my creativity, and then submit cards for those challenges.

4.) To ‘put it all out there on the line’ by posting my cards here on my blog, which is often tough for me to do as I struggle with the learning curve and as I struggle with feeling overwhelmed by how fabulous all the other crafters’ cards are.  Putting it out there for others to witness feels like a way for me to keep it honest and real, and a way for me not to hide my creativity because I’m afraid of what others will say about it, of what their critique will be, or that my creations don’t measure up to the fabulousness of other crafters’ creations.

Now, this could either be a terrific flop for me, or a good, interesting process of forcing encouraging myself to set aside much-needed time for nurturing my creativity and learning how to balance my own needs amongst the needs of everyone else in my life.  We’ll see!

Thanks for coming along on this little journey with me. 😉

As time goes by, I will post links here on this post to each of the 31 Days posts as I publish them, for easy, 1-stop reference.  All my posts will be tagged with 31 Days <—— just click on those 2 words there in pink.

You can also find them by clicking on 31 Days at the top of my labels section over there. ——->

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