31 Days of Card Making {Day 1} – Evolution of a Card Maker

When I first began making cards, about 8 years ago, they were made from a quarter sheet of cardstock with a one-layer mat of color-coordinating patterned paper and a computer-generated greeting cut into a rectangle or square with a paper cutter.  They were very rudimentary!!  And probably very boring – haha! 😉

Well, I eventually branched out and began using a half sheet of cardstock folded in half!  I also began expanding my usage of different elements and papers, mainly with stickers and coordinating paper packs, with an occasional torn edge and chalking for ‘artistic flair.’ (hee hee!)

Click on photos to enlarge for details.

Then I became addicted to those little silver mini brads, putting them on everything and anything I could get my hands on!

That was followed by an addiction to border punches and embossing folders.

 Then I learned about stamps and began to use a few of those.

Although, I have been quite hesitant – and still am, to an extent – about stamping, because I am a perfectionist and so afraid of failure.  And, to me, it has always seemed that stamping leaves too much room for failure as opposed to computer generated items.  (I’m learning to deal with those insecurities much better these days, and learning to let go of perfection.  I credit the process of toilet training children for that latter part, really.)

This past year, as I’ve discovered and been perusing the wealth of card-makers’ blogs in the blogosphere, joining crafters’ communities and forums, and enrolling in the occasional class of instruction, I’ve gradually been picking up a few new techniques.

Different kinds of flowers, heat embossing, sponging, finger-inking, cracked glass, dry brushing, paper piecing, masking,… even experimenting with what I would consider to be ‘interesting’ color combos!

I’ve even been dabbling in making my own embellishments.

I spent a little time hand dying my own crinkly seam binding ribbons and making really big bows with them.

Then I branched out on my ribbons in general, using different types, tying and adhering them in new ways, using some lace, and even twine.

Much to my husband’s dismay, though, (he’s an accountant, after all!) I’ve spent more money on tools and supplies – stamps, inks, embossing powder, brads, glitter, ribbons, paper, cardstock, adhesive, crimpers, punches,…. and don’t even get me STARTED on my rapidly-expanding die collection – a gorgeous thing of beauty that makes me smile every time I peek into it! 😉

 In some ways, though, card making feels like a never-ending continuum of development, which is a big reason why I like it.  It is difficult to be bored with card making, and I can always find a way to improve myself and my skills.  There always seems to be another gadget or technique or style or something that pops up, making me feel the way I feel when I’m trying to deal with technology – just not able to keep up with the explosions and the massive volume of it!

Anyhoo.  I have improved my skills over the last few years, and I hope to continue improving those skills over time.  It is a fun process, waiting to see where my creativity will lead me next. 😉


4 thoughts on “31 Days of Card Making {Day 1} – Evolution of a Card Maker

  1. Love this post Ally! I think we have the perfectionist thing in common! Fun to see your evolution of work. Have a fun weekend 🙂

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