31 Days of Card Making {Day 3} – World Card Making Day

Actually, World Card Making Day was on Saturday.  Although I missed posting about it on Saturday, I actually was creating cards on Saturday!

My brother and his wife asked me to create their Christmas cards this year.  And they had only 2 requests:  1) Use snowmen, and 2) Use purple/lavender.  And I’ll tell you a secret – that was a tough combination for me!!  I’ll admit that my well-spring of ideas just was not flowing from those specifications. :-S  Purple is NOT my thing, and neither are snowmen, really.  So it was an interesting challenge for me – one I’m glad I accepted, though.

I busily worked up a few sample cards for them to review and make sure I was moving in the right direction.  Honestly, I was anticipating a bit of critique and then some re-working time before they were happy with one of the cards.  But after sending them photos Saturday afternoon, they declared that all of them were to their liking except one, and they chose two different cards for me to make 10 of each for their set of 20 cards.  That makes my job a lot easier!

I tried to stick with designs I thought I could easily mass produce, because I do have my own Christmas cards to make (about 40 more than 20!) and I am working on making approximately 150 cards as gift packs for close neighbors and friends and co-workers this year.  So I do need a bit of streamlining.

Anyway.  Here’s the lineup of samples I prepared.

This first card is actually a CASE of a card that I found on a fellow card maker’s blog, but when I went back to my favorites that I had tagged for wanting to copy, to link up to them, it was nowhere to be found!  (I’ve been having silly computer problems this week.  Ack!)  So just know that this is not my design, and if the designer happens to be here at my blog sometime and recognizes the design (or if any of my readers recognize it), please, please let me know and I will quickly and happily credit it.

This next card was a CASE of a card by Dawn McVey.  And I am so embarrassed that this card is also one of the files I cannot find. :-S  But I know that I saw her card and thought it would make a great Christmas card.  So this design is hers.

For the next two, I just grabbed some Christmasy embossing folders and kinda played around making the cards.

This one was made using the Clean & Simple Stamping #160 sketch layout.  Except, I put the sentiment lower instead of up high.

And last, this one just came out of nowhere, really.  Just playing around.

I apologize, but I do not have much time right now for a write-up of products used on all of these.  But if you are curious about a specific card or product or element, please find my contact info on the right sidebar and send me an email.  I will be happy to respond to any questions!

Which one do you like?

Thanks for stopping by today. 😉
(P.S. – If you’re wondering which ones they chose, they selected the first card – Let It Snow – and the fourth card – Warm Winter Wishes – 10 of each.

3 thoughts on “31 Days of Card Making {Day 3} – World Card Making Day

  1. Goodness Ally they're all so PRETTY! But if I had to pick just one it would be #3. The swirly embossing looks blustery and goes so well with the blowing of the snowman's scarf! You can send that one to me "wink"!!!

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