31 Days of Card Making {Day 7} – The Squeeze

I don’t have a card to share today because I’ve been working on the 20 Christmas cards for my brother and his wife.  So I thought I’d just write and share with you what a day in the life of a homeschooling card maker looks like.

As a homeschooling mom, I don’t have the time to craft during the day when my children are at school, since my children are at home for school – and I am their teacher!  That choice means that lessons are the first thing on my mind and the first thing to be accomplished with my day, and that card making is always on the back burner for me.  We do follow a 4-day/week schedule, which means that we work pretty close to year round, doing lessons on 4 weekdays and then having 1 weekday off – and sprinkling a week off for vacation or days off here and there throughout the year.  I use that 1 day a week for shopping, catching up on chores, catching up on lesson preparation, or whatever else needs doing.  Sometimes that includes doing cards. 😉

Each day after breakfast, we begin the morning with math lesson for PrincessA (our 8-year-old daughter).  The lesson is usually followed by a few worksheets to complete.  After getting her situated with those and also getting the twins situated with some Pre-K worksheets/coloring pages – and trying to keep them all from distracting each other and goofing off too much – I may get started crafting right away.  Depending on when PrincessA finishes math lesson and begins piano practice, I have somewhere between 30 minutes to none in which to begin my card project for the day.

  1. If it’s 30 minutes, and my project is simple, I might finish immediately and be ready to take photos of it later in the day.  If the project is more involved, I might only get started on it.
  2. If it’s 0 minutes, I set out gathering lunch for us all and hope for a little time later in the day for my project.

After lunch, it’s time for more lessons.

  1. If it’s mostly worksheets or things they can do on their own, I might craft a little bit at the kitchen counter where I am still able to monitor the work being done and be immediately available for questions or assistance (and attempt to quell the goofing off, still).  If that is the case, and I wasn’t able to complete my project earlier in the day, I just might finish it this time and have a little time later for taking photos and blogging.
  2. If studies involve more reading aloud to them by me (which will soon be the case as we begin a new curriculum), I will hope for a little time later in the day for my project.

After lessons conclude around 3pm, and depending on what the plans are for dinner, or depending on what day of the week it is (dance class on Mondays, for instance), there might be a little time for my project.

At this point, and after trying to encourage the children to clean up before dinner, I could either be:

  1. Still stewing over my project and not even close to being finished yet.
  2. Just finishing up with a little extra time to take photos and photoshop them.
  3. Taking photos and photoshopping them already.
  4. Finished with all of the above and ready to write a blog post.
  5. Ready to start dinner….. and hoping for a little time later in the evening for my project.

After dinner, there are dishes and table to be washed, floors to sweep, laundry to be finished from earlier in the day, playing with the children to be done, then bath time and bedtime routines for the children.  While Hubby reads with/to PrincessA for an hour after the twins go to bed, I finish recording the day’s lessons in the computer.  After that:

  1. If it’s been a toss-up day but everything goes quickly with lesson recording, I might have a little time for my project.
  2. Otherwise, I’ll hope for a few minutes before I go to bed to finish up.

If it gets late, or I’ve decided to spend time with Hubby, or I need to work on other household chores and projects, or I require a little more lesson prep for the following day, or I’m just plain tuckered out,….  I’ll just give my project a little hug and kiss goodnight and hope for a little time the next day.  I can’t really take great photos at night anyway.

Of course, even if I do find time here and there to craft, those times are also peppered with little ’emergencies,’ sibling rivalry, snack gathering, finding of lost toys, etc.  And if things really get out of control, you may not see anything new from me for a few weeks – Haha!

Sometimes I feel like my attention span is next to nothing.  It’s difficult, at times, for me to work up my concentration and follow through on an idea when the opportunities to create come in 5-minute blocks of time in between the hustle and bustle and interruptions of the day.  It’s a balancing act, for sure.  But a good one.  And there’s nothing I would rather be doing than homeschooling my children!  That is a hugely rewarding part of life, for me.

Thanks for stopping by today. 😉


2 thoughts on “31 Days of Card Making {Day 7} – The Squeeze

  1. It looks to me like you have things under an organized control….but then of course I'm in Ohio HA!!! Sounds like a FULL day my friend!!!

  2. Wow, busy days! That's a lot of commitment – and I know your family appreciates it (even if they forget to act like it 😉 ).Love ya, Stephanie

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