Make It Monday #49

This card is all about learning, for me.  I tried Papertrey Ink’s Make It Monday #49 challenge, for “ghost masking.”  This was very, very far out of my comfort zone.  Not even sure why I tried it.  It doesn’t really fit in with what I perceive to be my style of card making, and I couldn’t see using it very much in the future.  I also just placed a huge purchase for the PTI release, so I’m pretty apathetic about winning a prize right now – I just want my box of new goodies to get here as soon as possible so I can play!

I guess I just really wanted to make a card.  And rather than face my usual trip-up by trying to interpret a sketch challenge, and while waiting for another color combo challenge to come out, I decided to give it a try.  This is another card that strikes me as wrong, wrong, wrong on so many levels, but maybe you all can give me an objective view on it.

I didn’t have an overlapping stamp like the Labels one that Betsy used.  So I improvised a little with my Mat Stack 1 dies.  I cut both the regular die and the layerz die from vellum, using both the positive and negative dies in the whole process.  But for the frame, I used the negative layerz frame on the outside, and the regular die on the inside, then I sponged that little opening between them with black ink to create the faux frame.  Then I took off stamping the flowers.

Click on photo to enlarge for details.

I made the mistake of not letting the inks dry enough, because I tried to squeeze in some craft time amongst all the bedtime chaos last night, which makes me a little anxious.  I should have waited till they were all asleep in bed, but I was worried about finishing in time to still get some sleep.  So there are a few smudges here and there, and I didn’t quite get the ink down in some spots, so it looks a bit splotchy around the frame.

And, I originally made it to be a one-layer card, but I ended up cutting it to mat it because I couldn’t handle it as it was.  The pearls look weird for a sympathy card, I know.  But I used them to cover a few minor but noticeable mistakes, which didn’t even get covered that well, so the pearls are really quite pointless.  I wish I would have sent the main panel through with the Linen/Canvas Impression Plate for a little texture.

Actually, this would typically be a card that I would hide and not post, out of embarrassment.  But I figured ‘why not?’ since this one represents the learning experience for me.  Might as well share, right??

Besides, ya’ll are so nice anyway, it’s not like I’m expecting anyone to say “Wow, girl, this is so, sooo ugly!”  I welcome all constructive criticism, because I want to get better at this craft, and I want to learn and stretch and grow.  So,… have at it! πŸ˜‰

And thanks for stopping by today. πŸ˜‰
Supplies Used:
Stamps:  Daydreamer, Think Big Favorites #3 (Papertrey Ink)
Paper/Cardstock:  Autumn Rose, Ripe Avocado, Rustic White (PTI)
Inks:  Autumn Rose (PTI); Black, Dusty Plum (Colorbox); Tea Dye Distress Ink (Ranger)
Embellishments:  Pearls (Recollections)
Tools:   Mat Stack 1 Die, Mat Stack 1 Layerz Die (PTI)

16 thoughts on “Make It Monday #49

  1. Gee Ally, I don't think you are capable of ugly my dear. I honestly think you did a great job on the technique. The muted tones around your focal point make the card so soft and perfect for a sympathy card. Sorry but you get a thumbs up from me. πŸ˜‰

  2. Dear Ally, My name's Joy. Have been following your blog for a while. I just love your style! And not only the cards, but also your openness and long interesting posts. I really enjoy reading about the crafting process itself and about all your thoughts and doubts. A big thank you for sharing!I loved this card when I saw it. But I started agreeing with you while reading)) Nevertheless, you are right when you are not afraid to show the cards you personally don't like. I wish I had the guts to do such thing. That's why my respect to you only grows))Thank you for all the inspiration,Joy from UkraineYou are welcome to visit my blog if you ever find time between all your chores))

  3. Ok, I haven't watched the video…but I think your card looks wonderful!!! I feel like this week has already been two weeks long and it's only Tuesday! So I probably won't try this one, but you did GREAT!

  4. Ally, you are WAY too hard on yourself! I think this is so PRETTY and I love the black frame – really makes the flowers POP! I also think it's fun to try a technique you've never tried before. The more you try the better you become and I think this is just LOVELY!

  5. You are too hard on yourself! This is a lovely card – I came here because the thumbnail really caught my eye. Great method for how you created the frame! And the flowers are beautiful. I'm ALWAYS thinking "ack, I should have run that through with an impression plate" AFTER it's too late, lol! πŸ™‚

  6. You did a wonderful job with this technique. Great idea to use the layers of the matt stack. I did not have the correct stamps for this but gave it a try. Mine is very bad.You is very pretty.

  7. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies by being too critical. I think this card is gorgeous. This techniques is one that needs to possibly grow on you. When I first saw my card, I wasn't too happy either. But the more I look at it, I am seeing the beauty in the masking.You should be proud ot it. thanks for sharing.

  8. Ally,Thanks for keeping it real. I too tried this technique but wasn't loving it. It felt like way too much work for not much gain. It's not my style either. However, the card really is lovely and I agree with another blogger, I would be happy to receive this in the mail.

  9. I also tried this technique, and I am not one for "techniques" to begin with, I ended up doing the stamping 3 times before I felt it was still only so-so. Too much work for not alot of bang. Yours looks very much perfect to me and I like the pearls. I dont see any of the flaws you see. I would be very happy to receive that card in the mail.

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