2012 Favs

Wow!  For me, the year 2012 seemed to drop off a cliff in the last few weeks.  Illnesses, injuries, health issues, and other surprises – for me as well as the children – have really slowed me down, not to mention the way the Holidays seem to take on a life of their own, when they finally arrive.  Although we did have a good time and made some great memories with the children and with family and friends, I am really looking forward to a little ‘calm’ and recuperation in the first few weeks of the coming year.

In the spirit of wrapping up the year 2012, I’m posting my favorite cards from the year.  It has been a fun year of creativity for me, with some good hits and some obvious misses, but with definite improvement overall, I believe.

In fact, I keep a spreadsheet of all the cards I’ve created and entered into challenges throughout each year, and this year shows that I created and entered a total of about 145 cards, which equals approximately 12 cards per month.  And that doesn’t count all the cards I created but didn’t have the courage or confidence to post.  😉  That’s decent creativity for a homeschooling mom, I’d say!

Although, after spending most of my creative time in December finishing up card sets for neighbor, family, and friend gifts, I’ve actually been enjoying the little ‘rest’ from it all now before the new year arrives.

I tried to narrow down my list to only the top 10 cards or even the top 12, but I just could not get it below 16. (hee hee!)  😉  So here is a little lineup of my picks for the year, in no particular order.





During our Christmas and New Year’s break from lessons, I also spent a great deal of time getting my crafting supplies and other areas organized a bit better.  And I’m looking forward to getting into some sort of crafting routine again soon, now that things are more organized and where I can easily find them, especially my neglected supplies!  And I’m very much looking forward to becoming better acquainted with my new Christmas gift from my sweet family this year – a Tim Holtz Vagabond machine!


What a thing of beauty, eh?!  I think I might be in for some die cutting fun this year. 😉

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic Christmas, and Happy New Year to you and yours!


P.S. – You might want to stop in again on Thursday, as I have a little surprise to start off the New Year.


8 thoughts on “2012 Favs

  1. Sorry you had a few bumps in the road. I am happy to slow down a bit as well.
    When I look at each gorgeous card of yours I see a very talented card maker who just does not seem to relize how much talent she has……smile! 12 a month is a lot for anyone one as specially for someone who teaches classes everyday!
    Happy New Year my friend.

  2. It’s fun to see a review of your favorite cards! I enjoyed seeing all 145 throughout 2012. I can certainly attest to the shift in your creativity. You have established a definite style of your own which is evident in enriched textures, layers, and color in every project. You had a very GOOD year of card-making. I hope 2013 will continue that success. Best to you and your family, Ally!

  3. Ally what a fabulous collection of cards you compiled, I have always loved every single one of your cards, so I doubt there is anything not worthy of posting. Lucky lucky you getting a Vagabond, I am going to want to hear all about it before i start putting pressure on my hubby for one. Sorry to hear the December has taken a toll of you, it has been a rough month for me too. Happy New Year Ally to you and your family.! xoxo

  4. No wonder those are your FAVS, Ally! They are all so PRETTY! And you are going to LOVE your Vagabond! Just make sure you buy the shim for thin dies! I figured that out the hard way! Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Sorry to hear you’ve had a rough end to 2012! I’m right there with you, dear, but we can only hope that 2013 will get off to a great new start. 🙂 I’m loving seeing all of these beautiful cards in one post! Such a gorgeous collection, I can see why you couldn’t narrow it down any further. Best wishes to you in the New Year!

  6. luvflowers1585 says:

    Your cards are truly beautiful works of art. They are also so inspirational!

    How can I post them to Pinterest?

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