I know you are all anxiously awaiting the day when I will finally post a card that I’ve recently created, seeing how I haven’t posted any such thing in well over 2 weeks (LOL!).  I am here today, though, not with a card but with a little giveaway.

You see, today is my birthday.  And not just ANY birthday, today is my 40th birthday.  That’s right – 4 decades.  Officially.  😉

Wow.  Four decades!  Where does the time go??!

I thought it would be fun to have a little giveaway to celebrate, so I have a little package with 4 of my favorite Papertrey Ink items up for grabs – one item for each decade of my life.


*  Papertrey Ink Harvest Berries Stamp Set.
*  Papertrey Ink Harvest Berries Die Set.

*  Papertrey Ink Vintage Cream Felt.
*  Papertrey Ink Rustic Cream Button Twine.


All you have to do to enter this giveaway is to leave a comment on this post, and maybe tell me what your favorite age to be is/was.  I have to confess, there are days when I do miss my healthy, fibromyalgia-free, 25-year-old body – LOL!

Anyway!  Leave a comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on January 10, 2013, and I’ll randomly select and announce a winner on Friday, January 11.

Good luck!

And thanks for stopping by today to help me celebrate!  😉


34 thoughts on “Time

  1. Hi Ally! Happy happy happy happy Birthday to you!! (that’s right, 4 times happy LOL)
    Hope you’ll have a wonderful day! I’ll celebrate my birthday about two weeks, and I’m turning 42, eeks! Wish I was still 25 for one year, whahaa.
    Enjoy your age, it’s not that worse ;-))
    hugs, Erna

  2. Jan Douglas, Florida says:

    Ahhh, you’re still very young. Age is a state of mind….wish I could find mine. LOL Have a happy day.

  3. Happy Birthday! I don’t have a favorite birthday but I was really excited to celebrate my 50th nearly 3 years ago. I figured it was definitely a celebration! To think otherwise, well . . . that was a depressing thought! LOL!

  4. Sue Moulton says:

    Happy Birthday! I don’t think I had a favorite birthday but feel blessed everyday I wake up. Number 56 will be in a few days and don’t feel any older than I was at 30 or 40, but a few aches & pains sometimes. I think the grandchildren keep me young, swiming jumping on trampoline etc. Its as the old saying goes you are only as old as you feel. Have a wonderful day

  5. Happy Birthday to you! Hard to pick a favorite birthday age….they all seem to have their pros and cons! Would almost pick going back to the carefree teens if it were not for all the teen drama!

  6. Ann R. says:

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. You are a gift to us. Don’t have a favorite age … like Allisa said – pros and cons for each age. Best part of getting older?? Grandchildren.

  7. Happy Birthday Ally!!! I recently turned 38, and I distinctly remember 25 being more fun than 38 😉 I wouldn’t go back though if I had the choice…God’s plan is perfect as is. Blessings to you!

  8. Happy 40th my dear friend! You still look your favorite age. Trust me you will look back on this and relize just how young 40 is! For some reason I alway liked being 27 my 3 little girls were getting bigger and I think all in school. 5 years later we were blessed with our son .
    Many blessing to you on this special birthday! Hope you get to take the day off from teaching .

  9. Oh what a great age! 40 is soooo young! Wishing you love,good health and much happiness today, this week, and this coming year, Ally! {{{HUGS}}}
    I guess I would have to say my best birthday was 21 years ago because I met my husband two week before that day 🙂
    PS: aren’t you sweet to give away a gift on your birthday

  10. Happy, happy birthday!! 40 seems to be just around the corner for me, and while I too miss being younger, my body being nicer, my life being a little more carefree, I find that this has been the best time in my life. I’ve never been happier with myself and more secure, and I’m sure that life just gets better as we go 🙂 Wishing you all the best in the coming year! I love your creations, and often save them to CASE later!

  11. Judy Sander says:

    The Happiest of Birthdays Ally! You are in your prime! Enjoy it! I have 30 years on you and just really getting into this crafting with paper stuff. LOVE IT! I feel so blessed……… and that includes a big thanks to you for sharing your lovely artistry.

  12. The HAPPIEST of birthday wishes to you sweet Ally and many blessings too! My favorite birthday would be my son’s! The day they put that sweet baby in my arms was THE BEST day of my life. Hope that counts 😉

  13. Erika T. says:

    Ha!! I remember my fav age EASILY…..24. I remember waking up one morning at age 25 and I looked in the mirror and my bubble butt had burst…overnight…just burst and now I had just a “regular” butt like everyone else. I was devastated. LOL So yes, 24 was my fav age because I still had a bubble butt.

  14. YOU are just a Baby! Ask anyone, like me! , who is over 50! The nines were my hardest but by the time I reached my milestones, I was ready!!! Or easily fooled. Anyway EVERY year is Great and I hope you celebrate your birthday for the entire month at least! Happy Birthday, Ally!

  15. Oh my goodness Happy Birthday Ally! I hope you are doing well and are having a wonderful day. 30 was tough for me but now I am 45 and each day is a blessing. 🙂 If I could go back 25 was a nice age! Hugs to you my friend!

  16. Adoree says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Ally! My husbands birthday is also on the 3rd!
    You must remember ….your age are Only numbers!….It how You feel!…..you get to control that one!
    Hope it was a great birthday!

  17. Judy C. says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday. Forty is a great age. Love every minute of it. Actually, I think my 40th was my favorite. Hope you have a great day. We have something in common. I too have fibromyalgia and have had it most of my life not knowing what was wrong with me. Six decades later, I’m dealing with it as best I can. Some days better than others as you know.

  18. sandie carter says:

    Happy 40th birthday. I will be celebrating my 60th birthday this month and this is the biggy for me . I had not trouble before 60 came looming towards me. 59 didn’t seem too old but 60 is another thing!! LOL

    Enjoy being 40 and may you have many, many more. despite the health problems. As you get older you appreciate the simple things in life so much more.

    I always enjoy receiving your blog posts. thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

  19. Tuyen Nguyen says:

    Happy 40th birthday! My 40th b-day is just around the corner. I really enjoy your blog and all of your wonderful creations. Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Happy belated birthday Ally!! My favourite age was 23 as it was the year I got married and had my first child. Everything changed in that year of my life! Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely prize 🙂

  21. Happy belated birthday! Hope you’re having a fab birthday.
    My favorite age was 30.
    I also have fibromyalgia and now during wet weather it’s bad.
    Ror the future I wish you more pain-free times

    hugs Regina

  22. janetbagnall says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Ally – I hope you had a great day. I can honestly say that your life is just getting better 🙂 I’m 48 and am still having a blast. These are wonderful prizes and I appreciate the opportunity to win them. Have a great evening. ~~hugs~~ Janet

  23. Gloria says:

    Happy birthday! I’m not sure which age I enjoyed the most. I don’t want to believe that my best times are behind me 🙂

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