Ugliest Card Ever Blog Hop

Okay, I came back to quickly post again today, only because I’m pretty sure I have the answer to this Ugliest Card Ever question by Suzanne.

ugliest card ever challenge

In fact, I think this is one of those ‘enough said’ situations.  So there’s no use in arguing with me, because y’all will know it’s true!


And just so you know, this beast went straight into the garbage – I didn’t dare send it to anyone I knew!

Actually, I think this is a perfect example of what FORCED CREATIVITY will get you – trying to create for a challenge in spite of the fact that you have ZERO ideas, ZERO interest in the colors, ZERO interest in the technique, but you want to try to win the prize anyway!

Don’t do it, people.  Just ‘break the wrist’, and walk away…


Head on over to Suzanne’s blog to join in this April Fool’s fun.


15 thoughts on “Ugliest Card Ever Blog Hop

  1. Too funny! I actually like the sketch – but you hit the nail on the head with the forced creativity observation – been there, done that. Please feel free to come laugh at my card – I will admit at one time I thought it looked good!

  2. Oh WOW, I don’t think I could come up with just one ugly card ~I seem to have a whole box full 🙂
    PS: I agree with Shay and don’t think your card is in the running here!

  3. You are wrong it is not that bad at all! I know you have many way prettier though! I agree sometimes a challenge can totally mess you up. What we will do to try and win prize. See… you don’t really have a bad card.

  4. tammyK. says:

    April fools? It’s not colors I would have used but I watch quite a number of blogs and this card is far better than some post as one of their best. Pop off that orange flower and replace it with a different color and you will have a knock out card. Keep digging for that ugly card, because this isn’t it.

  5. My word Ally. Your worst looks an awful lot like my best! lol I totally relate to your statements about forced creativity. I’ve done it so many times. The UGLY card I posted was back when I was new, and trying things when I had no understanding of design rules…not like I know many more now, but I do have a few ideas 😉 xx

  6. Vickie Z says:

    Okay girl….this is a lovely card….just sayin’ now, it may not have made you smile but, I like it!

  7. Now I feel like the cranky ol’ granny when I say, “Um, I gotta agree with you about this card, Ally. I’m not feeling it at all.” But it could also be because I share the same aversion to orange. Ew, double ew. Thanks for sharing and for the laugh! Nice to know even the best have ‘bad card’ days!!

  8. Bonnie aka raduse says:

    This must have been made on one of your bad days, because it’s not really that bad except for the hideous orange flower. Change that and you’ve got a beauty to send off.

  9. Ok–you are cheating–this card is not that bad, not bad at all. Well, maybe a little off, but just a little. But I totally agree with you that my worst cards recently have been where I tried to force a technique or sketch or something just for a challenge, and I wasn’t feeling the love.

  10. Oh I think the medallion part is pretty! Maybe the yellow border is the culprit 🙂 SO funny how there are times that we’ll do anything to have a chance at that prize…but hey, you gotta be in it to win it, hee! 🙂

  11. Hi Ally! I don’t think this is a beast, but I think your name for it is funny. I know exactly what you mean about forced creativity – those are the best nights to browse blogs or clean the craft room (or shop online!) instead. 🙂 Thanks for joining the hop!

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